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Active Projects

The greatest aspect of SL2College is perhaps the opportunity it has provided for past and present Sri Lankan students and faculty living abroad to give back to Sri Lanka and be involved in a common cause – that is, to help all Sri Lankans achieve their higher education goals and in turn, develop Sri Lanka's human capital.

There are a number of services offered at SL2College. They include:


1) The Forum:

This is one of the most used resources on the SL2College website Students seeking information and guidance can post questions on the forum and moderators ensure that all questions are answered in a timely manner. If a question goes unanswered for 48 hours, moderators go out of their way to find someone who can shed light on the question. The forum acts as a platform to create dialogue, where information related to many fields and countries are discussed. New visitors to the website can browse past threads to gain information on previously discussed topics..


2) Articles:

SL2College encourages past and present undergraduate and graduate students, and those who have completed professional degrees, to share their educational experiences by answering questionnaires and writing articles. These are published weekly in the Sunday Observer's Education section where SL2College has its own column. It is also published on the resources page of the website. Articles range from advice on the application process, funding issues, housing in different countries and more.


3) Mentor Program:

Students who are interested in higher education and are planning on applying to programs within 12 months are matched with an experienced mentor for a direct, one-on-one exchange of information and guidance for 3-4 months. Mentors and mentees who are interested in joining the program can visit


4) SL2College events calendar:

Events related to higher education organised in Sri Lanka are posted on the SL2College calendar at These include SL2College events, exhibitions, seminars by the US-Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission, etc


5) "Live" Web Chats & Webinars:

These sessions take place in a chat room or via Skype, where graduate students in various countries will be available 'live' and students joining from Sri Lanka can ask questions regarding their higher education ambitions. For upcoming sessions, refer to the calendar on the website.


6) Seminars at Local Schools/Universities:

Information seminars are conducted at local universities and schools to discuss higher education opportunities in different countries. Lately, seminars involving Skype sessions have been organised on a regular basis and have been one of the most popular events at university level. The virtual panel provides a medium for a live discussion and gives undergraduate students the opportunity to learn and seek advice from graduate students.


7) University Clubs:

SL2College clubs in universities are an extension of the main SL2College organisation. Club members organise events that promote higher education and highlight many opportunities in pursuing further education locally and abroad. Students can help coordinate SL2College's activities within Sri Lanka and interact with other institutions such as the US-Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission, National newspapers, Interact and Rotaract networks. Students have the opportunity of working with Sri Lankans in global companies and prestigious universities worldwide.


8) Adviser Base: Country teams

SL2College is continuing to expand and diversify its adviser base. There are currently 175 advisers (who are mostly past and present graduate students) with educational background from Sri Lanka, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, India, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Russia, Latvia, Spain and the Netherlands. SL2College country teams have formed in Sri Lanka, USA, Canada, Singapore and UK. Advisers join these teams in various capacities such as a forum adviser, skype session adviser, mentor, writer, etc. They work on projects to inform Sri Lankan students of opportunities in those respective countries.


9) US – Sri Lanka lecture series with Sri Lankan faculty

The SL2College US Chapter is about to launch a new project in which Sri Lankan professors in the US will give a talk pertaining to their research and subject matter to university students in Sri Lanka. The project is initially being organised at University of Moratuwa and University of Colombo, and will be held at University of Peradeniya in the near future. The intent of this lecture series is to make Sri Lankan students aware of current research programs in US and to build relationships between US universities and Sri Lankan faculty in local universities. These talks will be conducted via skype video conference. It will give local students the opportunity to communicate in real time, in an academic setting, with Sri Lankan professors in US. Several professors from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Mississippi, Texas State University, Clarkson College and College of Atlantic have shown their interesting in participating in this project as well.


10) YouTube Channel:

SL2College has its own channel on YouTube where videos of past seminars and other educational videos of interest are posted. Thes may be accessed at


11) 'The Insider':

A newsletter, 'The Insider', is published on a quarterly basis and made available to all members. It gives everyone an update of events held at SL2college, introduction of new team members and upcoming projects.



12) Social media:

SL2College has an online presence on various forms of social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


13) The Blog:

Articles written by members at SL2College and news items pertaining to higher education in Sri Lanka are posted on the blog. SL2College encourages readers to discuss these items and create a dialogue. It will also allow writers of articles to communicate with readers. The SL2College blog is found at:


14) Nenasala:

We have come to an agreement with ICTA to  approach their network of 800  Nenasala’s (wisdom outlets) in the country in order to promote SL2College and its activities.


15) Exhibitions:

SL2College takes part in large education expos within Sri Lanka.  This gives us the opportunity to meet with and educate youth wishing to pursue higher education.
For more details on exhibitions please visit:


16) Brain Gain:

Post war Sri Lanka with its immense economic potential is luring expat Sri Lankans home. At this historic juncture SL2College is partaking in this influx by encouraging expat Sri Lankans to work in Sri Lanka by way of identifying career opportunities and providing them with accurate and timely information of the move back.


If you would like to get involved or organise an event at your school or institution, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . SL2College will strive to continue helping students in Sri Lanka make informed decisions in achieving their higher education goals.